Roof Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your roof is a wise idea if your house is new or old.  When considering that the roof is at the top of the building anything that goes wrong with it will lead to issues happening in the lower levels.  This goes for a Shingle roof Alexandria as well as everywhere else. 

Shingle roof Alexandria

Do regular inspections

You should typically check your roof at least twice a year.  Grabbing a ladder and checking to see if you have any missing shingles, bird or animal nests, loose flashing and more.  If you see anything that doesn’t look right, then you will want to call in a professional to do a full inspection of your roof.


Make sure all trees and branches are trimmed away from your home.  If you have long branches and hanging limbs over your house these could come down in a story causing damage.  When you keep trees trimmed, they not only remain healthy, but they also will not cause damage to your home.

Redo roof after twenty years

Is your house older than twenty years?  If so you may want to consider upgrading or updating your roof.  After having an inspection done having a roof replacement can save you a lot of money down the road.  As we get older and we want to enjoy our golden years of life, putting a lot of money into a roof isn’t an enjoyable proposition.

Cracks in the walls

Make sure that there are no cracks, water leaks and other deformations in your home.  If you see that your house is settling or if there are signs of damage to your home, you will want to have them fixed as well. 

Windows and doors

Windows and doors are also areas you will want to examine and make sure are maintained.  If you have any area of the house be it windows with cracked joints or doors that are warping, they can all put strain on your roof which could cause issues for you down the road.

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